Our advantage is the ability to optimally combine the resources to give more for the same price. >

The most important part of the project for us? Not the drawings, but the lifestyle that our clients want to lead. >

We focus on people with similar values, who will find it interesting to talk to and live with each other. >

Location, value, or the information on the project – every detail we strive to make accessible. >

We make all decisions only after having a clear understanding of our customers. This results in a quiet and comfortable life for each family. >

We understand that the completion of the construction will be only the beginning of a great life. Therefore, we continue to develop and support the project. >

For us, quality is delivering a high level of life for reasonable money. >

At each stage, we use a flexible approach and are always ready to meet the client. >

We make sure we are experts in our customers. Still, we are always pleased to listen to their desires – and committed to exceeding their expectations. >



Cottage village


Bristol - the first village built by
Optiland is modeled on the style
of the famous European city.

7 km "Kievskoe" highway



Cottage village


Marseilles – our village with modern and
environmentally friendly buildings in the European
style. Marseilles was created for everyone who
loves healthy and active lifestyle!

34 km “Kaluzhskoe” highway



Townhouse village


Cambridge is a cozy English village with its
own world-class school. Classical architecture,
beautiful nature and excellent infrastructure.

25 km “Novorizhskoe” highway