Live and learn

Your kids get a chance to study at Cambridge University.

Live and learn in Cambridge!

In Cambridge, you can not only live, but also learn. English education is considered the best in Europe, and graduates of British universities achieve high results in work and in life. Now, to study in England, you do not have to leave Russia. Just live in Cambridge!

English education

In the village is built a High School with teachers from England, experienced in the traditions of English education.
Our school also features a Cambridge University examination center.
The school is designed for 500 students, and provides a full education first through eleventh grades.

  • Municipal and English kindergartens
  • English School with Cambridge examination center
  • Fitness center with swimming pool
  • Medical Centre
  • Pleasure Boulevard
  • Football field and playgrounds
  • Shopping center
  • Family Center


Townhouse - house for a small family who want to live outside the city. Our townhouses have a pricepoint similar to an urban apartment, but are several times larger, more personal, and more private. For this price, you get a two-storey house with a loft! Here, every member of the family will have a private bedroom. Families gather in a spacious kitchen and dining area - and even have a place to build an office. Townhouse allows multiple families to share a building, but each home has a separate entrance. Nearby is a small plot of land where you can break a small flower garden, and on weekends use for barbecues. You may even find yourself inviting your friendly neighbors over to eat while your kids play.

Isaac Newton
studied at Cambridge

Classic townhouses

Moscow region,
Istra district

from MKAD:
25 km
“Novorizhskoe” highway

Surrounding towns:

  • Novorizhsky
  • Krasny Poselok