Life in the English tradition

Modern guarded village with townhouses and cottages in the English style.

Live next door to the greats

Feel like you are living in the neighborhoods of John Lennon, Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth. Feel the connection to old English traditions in every detail of our architecture and lifestyle – down to the names of our common areas and streets.

  • John Lennon
  • William Shakespear
  • Winston Churchill
  • Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

Its England for each

Each potential buyer will find a unique lifestyle, defined by a legendary English figure with whom they connect. Lennon speaks to ample opportunities for leisure activities that inspire creativity. Shakespeare is connected to the solidity of life. Churchill – a lover of nature and construction of your own garden. Finally, there is no better connection to traditional family values than the Queen Mother.

  • Beauty - Nearby is the picturesque wooded park Ulyanovskiy
  • Nature - Pure pond with spring keys
  • Security - Entrance and area of ​​the village itself are protected around the clock
  • Modern Amenities – The highest standards for electricity, gas and water supply infrastructure
  • Lifestyle - Village combines urban comfort and suburban life
  • Location - Close to the Vnukovo airport
  • Education - The village has its own kindergarten
  • Leisure - Playground, sports center and tennis court

All of these amenities form a unique microclimate, with beautiful views and characteristics of the village. Our residents live peaceful lives with all of the comforts of modern living.


Townhouse - house for a small family who want to live outside the city. Our townhouses have a pricepoint similar to an urban apartment, but are several times larger, more personal, and more private. For this price, you get a two-storey house with a loft! Here, every member of the family will have a private bedroom. Families gather in a spacious kitchen and dining area - and even have a place to build an office. Townhouse allows multiple families to share a building, but each home has a separate entrance. Nearby is a small plot of land where you can break a small flower garden, and on weekends use for barbecues. You may even find yourself inviting your friendly neighbors over to eat while your kids play.


Quadrohouse is a kind townhouse, with a unique design. It consists of four sections and, as townhouse, is ideal for a small family. The main advantage of quadrohouse is upgraded insulation that provides maximum privacy from neighbors. In the spacious two-story house with a mansard, you will finally be able to appreciate the charm of comfortable suburban life. This is a lifestyle you will not find in a city apartment.


Our duplex is perfect for a large family that wants to live near each other in a country cottage setting. The beauty of this house is that it is divided into two apartments and has two separate entrances. Thus, in one part can live the parents and in the adjacent - children. Choosing a large two-story duplex, you choose the opportunity to always be close to your loved ones, while also having the privacy to live your own lives.


If you have a large family, the cottage may be your dream country house. The cottage is suitable for both permanent and temporary residence, but it will always be the place to which you want to return. In our cottage, the whole family will gather around the fireplace in the evening and come together to celebrate holidays for years to come. When a family thinks of their cottage home, they will think of love and understanding, comfort and tranquility, safety, and most importantly they will call it home.

New Moscow territory,
Moskovsky settlement

from MKAD:
7 km
"Kievskoe" highway

Surrounding towns:

  • Moskovsky
  • Lapshinka