We use our expertise and experience to create carefully balanced spaces for family life. In our communities, every resident can find activities that match their interests and schedule.

Optiland in a few words

We are interested in using cutting-edge approaches to construction to develop a new culture of life. We are the leaders in using achievements in architecture, technology and management to help Russian families achieve modern international standards of family life. In every project we start, we focus first on the active lifestyles that our future residents will embrace.

We focus on the priorities of the people who will live in our communities – and build our projects to match those needs. In the “Marseilles” it’s training, in the “Cambridge” – education, “Bristol” – family diversity. With this approach, we are able to bring people with similar core values together in our communities and create a neighborhood of good friends. We support diversity and commonality of life – engaged villages in which people communicate openly and embrace life together.

We adhere to the principled position that life in nature can be as intense as in the city. Our team has expertise in the field of optimal use of natural and construction resources.

Thanks to this knowledge and experience, we create projects with a complete infrastructure for housing and living, but at an affordable price. Only once we clearly understand our customers' full list of requirements do we select a location, work on layouts, define architecture and complete the design. That is why every one of our villages is self-sufficient. It includes the objects of infrastructure necessary to deliver on the concept of a village that can fulfill all the needs of the residents.

At each stage of development, we are guided by the interests of future residents, which is why we spend significant time discussing their needs. Our goal is not simply to close the transaction. Instead, that is just the beginning of Optiland’s commitment to that family’s safe and comfortable life. We have built a long-term support and project management process that ensures that the living standards in our communities will improve for years to come.

Each Optiland village has won professional awards for innovations ranging from architecture to design to social arrangement. But the real success we feel is when we see a large village begin to live its own life, filled with thousands of happy residents. This proves that our approach works and is the best recognition of our achievements.